Stephanos Adonis

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30 mm

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Thomas David

Thomas David

Finest quality polyurethane resin, supplied unpainted.

Agora Miniatures

Since the republican laws of 3010 PZ (Post-Zeus) only Gods and Myrmidons are allowed to wear the « Divine armors ». The Hoplite Corps focused on its core values of courage, honor and sacrifice. A major and popular faction in the Agora, it is always in frontline in battle. They had to find the way to circumvent the law to remain efficient at close quarters versus Hades’ Exterminators.

Since they can no longer wear a complete set of armor (apart from their traditional gear) the hoplites enhance their bodies under their synthetic skin with cybernetic implants. Thus, these human remains gradually became very resilient cyborgs, whose extreme bravery and moral values still make a difference versus the offspring of Hades.

Stephanos Adonis belongs in the last generation of Hoplites, fierce warrior dedicated to the defense of her city-state, body and soul.

Thomas David
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  • Arche orientale simple 32 mm avec porte
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