Terms and conditions

  • MINIATURES, SCENERIES, ACCESSORIES, BOOKS, DVD … €6  worldwide  whatever the quantity.
  • TRACKING : Regular orders do not include mail tracking. On the main page www.figone.fr you can buy a tracking (3 euros for France, 6 for the rest of the world).
    If you choose a NO TRACKING shipping option, there’s no recourse in case of lack of delivery or in case of damage to the package.
In case of damage to the package where the quality of the Figone team’s work isn’t in cause, and if it was shipped WITH TRACKING, we’ll be offering you to send another order at cost with 30 to 50% off depending on the situation.
Figone webstore promotions :
  • Purchase of 249€ and above: 5% discount
Everything is automatically included during checkout.
  • Jérémie dispatches orders at least once every two weeks.  Please accept his apologies for any delays but he lives 5 km from the nearest post office  has no car and makes his deliveries by bike. Understandably, he would much rather be painting and sculpting than cycling to the post office every day. Who can hold that against him? Obviously, orders will be dispatched more frequently following updates of the online catalogue.
  • Orders are dispatched every week by Marc & Sylvie. During holydays or vacation, its possible that we ship every 2 weeks. Figone is a family-based small company which manages with its few means but passion its business. When you buy from the Figone site you’re first and
foremost supporting a local economy which pays its taxes in France.
Sure, sometimes we’re a bit slower than other companies in shipping your orders, but it’s also because publishers at our level are also small businesses which sometimes also take their time in resupplying us.
  • To reduce the costs so that you can order more and better appreciate our miniatures, they are sent in zip-lock plastic envelopes: a practical and economical method.
  • Miniatures are protected by bubble-wrap and polystyrene chips.
  • Depending on weight, volume and destination, orders may be sent in cardboard envelopes or in reinforced cardboard boxes.
  • Orders must be made via the website or in person at the shows which we attend. Please don’t do orders via email or telephone.
  • By Personal Check (euros only) Once you have completed your order on our website, choose the option « payment by personal check ». Your order will be dispatched once we have received the check and it has cleared. Don’t forget to include a brief description of your order (name, address, list of items ordered) to aid processing. Please send your check {in Euros (€), payable to Jérémie Bonamant Teboul 30, route de St Michel, 26350 Le Châlon France
  • Paypal If you want to use PayPal, first do your shopping on the site then follow the instructions.
  • Bank Transfer Once you have completed your order on the website, please use the contact form to request our bank details. We will send your order as soon as we receive your payment. In Europe the cost is generally free, but expensive if you are outside of Europe.  So please use Paypal, or  precise the option “share cost”.
Thanks for your order !