Rocco (170 mm)

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Allan Carrasco

Jérémie Bonamant Teboul

Finest quality polyurethane resin, supplied unpainted.


Rocco di Rollo

On the crest of the escarpment the reptilian sentinel dozed under the pale sun.

Rocco the great lizard captured the scattered thoughts of his rider like he was fishing for flies with his tongue. As Rocco was the last dragon of this world, so, Rollo was the last dragon rider, Rocco did not complain. He could sum up his rider in one simple sentence, a humble spirit in a healthy body, easy to influence, effortless to lead; a natural sponge, which Rocco could fill up and squeeze out at his leisure.

Rocco sighed, and cast a languid glance at the valley beneath him then looked to the far off snowy peaks. He felt Rollo stiffen as a poker in the saddle, grazed Rocco in the side. Ready, attentive; another sigh escaped, this time accompanied by a small smile which revealed the tip of his forked tongue.

All things considered, Rocco was in a good place. Things could have turned out worse.

Yannick degiovanni Translation : Simon Jones
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