Qui Li Quin (38 mm)

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36 mm

38 mm

Thomas David

Jérémie Bonamant Teboul

Maxime Penaud

Sculpting Qui Li Quin (who the heck came up with that name?) is kinda like wanting to create a new Marylin (it rhymes!). Except that it'd be a Marylin 3 cm tall - which makes it a lot harder. A nice body in a tight-fitting dress, putting emphasis on her voluptuous curves... that's what I had in mind when I made her. Then, the usual - a sword and a bottle to decorate and a slightly "Shakespearian" pose (in order words, theatrical) in order to give some ambiance to any diorama she'd be used for. That's it. One's style should remain sober. Although with adjectives like those I've used, I'm not too sure anymore...

Finest quality polyurethane resin, supplied unpainted. Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small pieces. The photography presents an exemple of the painted miniature.


Qui Li Quin, the Watcher, guided by her senses entered the dark, dank maze. In the vial she clutches, Kas’bn sleeps . . . waits . . .
The fragile blue flame of Kas’bn’s soul must be fed the light and heat of the Dragon. The spark of living magic, once crystalized for winter, will only awaken by the might of the Dragon.
As ice falls from the sky, she knows the cold season closes. The time to end Kas’bn’s sleep is upon her. The breath of the dragon echoes in the passages of the labyrinth, confusing her. She almost loses her way.
She drags her sword through the red sand of the labyrinth ; an ephemeral ariadne’s thread that the breath of Dragons can erase. The spicy fragrance of the beast’s breath wafts down the passages. The thick flavors in the warm air wraps around her like summoning wisps.
As she approaches the dragon she uses her mind to send a soothing caress to rouse Dragon gently.
Her first time as the Watcher
Her first time with the Awakener
The time for Kas’bn to awaken has come !

Yannick Degiovanni Translation : Eric Harlaut et Meg Maples
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