Old blood – Orc shaman

Figone got you used to discover, the last two years, the creation of exceptional miniatures, by their size, by the quality.

After ROCCO the orc rider, after Moloch, the mountain giant, let’s present…

Old blood Shaman orcThe first time you meet a Goat Goddess-blessed Ogre, you have a laugh. Once they have knocked down your heavy cavalry with a counter charge, tumbled upon your fortress or through your lines, and turned your mounts and cattle against you, well…you are not laughing anymore

Text: Atallah Jean-Khalil


Filip Burburan

The concept is signed by Filip Bruburan, an excellent Croatian freelance artist (website).

His concepts have triggered Jeremie’s enthusiasm from the get go, who immediately contacted Filip.

Luckily, the rights for this Orc concept spontaneously created by Filip had not yet found a buyer.

The idea of ​​seeing his concepts take shape in 3D has quickly seduced Filip, and the project gor started.

Given the theme, no other sculptor than Allan Carrasco could give life to this realisation, being the specialist in terms of orchish figurines.

Aware that we got our hands on an exceptional figure , we started to get to work.


Shaman Orc by Jeremie Bonamant Teboul

The realization of such a model requires several thousand euros to compensate artists and artisans, who take part in the creative process, to enable all to live from their art.

Illustration, sculpture, casting, production, graphic design, painting, project management…

The fact remains that Figone is still and persist to be a project conducted by a small team and so with limited resources.

So we hesitated to make a crowdfunding campaign, as we already did for Figopedia Volume 1, Rocco and Moloch.
While these three campaigns met their audience and allowed FIGONE to produce models it otherwise could not have achieved without this boost, we have decided to fund the release of this model in a more conventional manner, albeit more risky, but also more responsive, and less burdensome to implement.
To keep an attractive price, despite the size of the figure and the number of separate elements, we decided to charge 59 euros for this kit !!!

We estimate that we must sell at least 150 figurines to make this project viable.

Here you can see the number of copies sold since the launch of the figure.

85/150 Acheter Old Blood

WIPs of Allan Carrasco

Old blood - Sculpture Allan Carrasco

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