DVD Figurines TV Volume II: Sculpting

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Thomas David
Benoit Cauchies
Cyril Roquelaine
Allan Carasco
and Jacques-Alaexandre Gillois

Discover and learn new techniques, or improve your own, by watching some of the best modellers at work.

See for yourself how they do it and learn their tricks.

You'll consolidate your knowledge through a series of exciting tutorials.

Start with a conversion and finish with a fully scratch-built figure, simply, comprehensively and straight to the point.

You will find out about suitable products, scales, textures, mannequins, busts, weapons, wood, folds, creases, hair... etc...

All this through the sculpting of a figure from A to Z and each time, a sculptor tackles a different figure.

They also managed to produce a a unique figure, each tackling a part of it, thus showing the extent of their talent, versatilisity and flexibility.

Enjoy more than five hours of footage, taken with three cameras.
Made in figurine tv

+ bonuses
+ the basics

and a glossary for the beginner

a new double DVD which is a great source of reference

The DVD is in PAL : multizone
The DVD is in French and English

The PAL version of theses DVDs plays normally on standard North American computer DVD drives using Windows Media Player as well as a variety of other DVD-player applications, but not on old DVD players, some new DVD players read NTSC and Pal, check your hardware.

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7 minutes available here ( You can choose English in the DVD)