Challenge Paint like a hero


On the back of the recent successful Sapo Challenge, where we’ve seen many creative interpretations, FIGONE and WAMP FORUM decided to come together to bring you a new and unique challenge we’re calling Paint like a Hero!

For this challenge we want you to choose your hero painter, one you love or admire and then paint in their style. For example you could create some crazy details like Bohun, fancy color scheme like Banshee, beat the blues like Anna or create some atmosphere like Jarhead.

But here’s the thing, we don’t want you to tell us who your hero is, KEEP IT SECRET so we can have fun guessing. To enter you can paint anything from the Figone range of figures (in the Fantasy, SciFi, Historical or Humoristic sections) in the style of your hero.

To take part, send 4 jpg pictures to Jérémie Bonamant Teboul at the 31st June (with no extensions this time cause JBT is leaving France for 6 month after that!)

All pictures will be displayed in the Figone’s website.

So what’s in it for the entre JBT prefers? Well…how about Allan’s next miniature for Figone (available in septembre/October), 70mm of miniature goodness! The winner will be decided by none other than Jeremie himself.

Enjoy !

Antonin Delanoe