Caapiti (60 mm)

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60 mm

Remy trembley

Marc Masclans

Finest quality polyurethane resin, supplied unpainted.


Rising every morning, Caappiti repeats the same, sluggish ceremony. He watches his disturbing, ungraceful appearance reflected in the mirror, licking with an expert tongue at the hallucinogenic liqueur dripping from the pustules that cover the frog he holds in his hand. The daily question is more of an assertion than a question really, in the same way that the answer is never in doubt in his mind.
“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the ugliest one in town?”
“Krapotine. »
“Yes, of course I... What? Who? What did you say?”
Caappiti seethed and roared with rage.
“It’s me, Caappiti, I’m the ugliest in town! And don’t you forget it you useless piece of psychic junk!”
He flung the hallucinatory amphibian right at the mirror which shattered into a thousand pieces; the shards shredded his flesh, tearing his face to pieces.
A fragment of the mirror murmured into the silence:
"Once again you are the most hideous, Caappiti the Slashed".

Yannick degiovanni Translation : Simon Jones
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