Verduricchio – Primurion Goblin (43 mm)

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Valentin Zak

Jérémie Bonamant Teboul

Legio Pictorum

First of all, I love the subject. Julius Caesar always gave me the very picture of a pretentious character with a jumped up self-image and an slating expert… so, a gobelin ! I had to bring out this stinginess in the sculpting work by a distorted side looking glaze.

The helmet is too large, of course, he’s a gobelin and he’s not really in his place ! The main interest during the sculpting work of this bust was to carry out the gown and its many folds, really delightful indeed !

Finest quality polyurethane resin, supplied unpainted. Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small pieces. The photography presents an exemple of the painted miniature.


Decadence among goblin legionnaires is getting worse - roman style!
- Legionnaiiiiiiiiire, form ranks two by two!
- Yessir Centurion! But I'm alone...
- True, but we not allowed to say to form a shingle rank as we're not carpenters, now, are we?
- Yessir Centurion! Right again sir, Centurion!
- Legionnaiiiiiiiire, form a line, like ducks in a row!
- Euh, Centurion sir... Are we still goblins in that case?
- Auuuugh!... If it's going to be that way, Legionnaiiiiiiire, break formation!
- Thank you Centurion sir!... Say Centurion sir, mind if I go smoke a Gauloise?
- Auuuugh! What a traitor!

Cyril Denoual Translation : Soufiane Yousfi & Eric Harlaux & chris Borer
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