Uncle Meat

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45 mm

48 mm

Jacques Alexandre Gillois

Jacques Alexandre Gillois

Jacques Alexandre Gillois

This is the first miniature I really sculpted for « Miniature Factory”, my personal brand. I sculpted it in late 2009, for a soon to be released video tutorial with “Miniature Mentor”.

Finest quality polyurethane resin, supplied unpainted.

Miniature Factory

In the beginning, Meat had another name. A real name, one his Mom had given him. Then he lost his job at the slaughterhouse. Back home, he put to use his butcher craft to feed the family. The game in the Marsh being not so cooperative, you had to be inventive to teach predators which species was the endangered one. The kids named him that way, because every time he came back home, there was always meat for dinner.

Jacques Alexandre Gillois Translation : Jacques Alexandre Gillois
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  • Arche Médievale simple 02 32 mm avec porte
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