Roscoe – Demon bust

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34 mm

Jacques Alexandre Gillois

Jacques Alexandre Gillois

Jacques Alexandre Gillois

I did this one for a paper in French magazine « Ravage », about sculpting a monster head. It was my first bust, usually I do miniatures. The tutorial is available on my website www.mniaturestudio.net.

Finest quality polyurethane resin, supplied unpainted.

"It’s not really a dog, more of a sort of Moloch Horridus adapted to a damp environment. It is much, much bigger though, more aggressive, and once conditioned, totally loyal. I would bet this species didn’t even exist fifteen years ago, and I sure would like to study it more deeply. That’s if I didn’t have so much work on my Great Project. So many things to do, I must remain focused."
Dr Al Moreau, PhD, journal

Jacques Alexandre Gillois Translation : Jacques Alexandre Gillois
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