Rocco – the most massive mounted orc in 54mm ever

The wait is over and we are proud to announce that “ROCCO the Orc Adventurer”, the latest little miracle from ALLAN CARRASCO is finally available on the funding platform INDIEGOGO.

Imagine if you will, 200 mm of detailed resin raw in tooth and claw.

Step 1 : concept art
Step 2 : the armature
Step 3 : banner
Step 4 : first volumes
Step 5 : first details
Step 6 : banner OK
Step 7 : more and more details
Step 8 : the end is near
Step 9 : this is the end
Step 10 : christmas gift

Can we see some photos of the miniature?

Since the campaign has been so unexpectedly successful, Allan has doubled in efforts in order to advance the project. The first photos, straight from the workshop will be available soon.

Jérémie, what this Indiegogo? Can’t we just buy the miniature from Figone? And it’s all in English, can you help us out a bit?

Indiegogo is a donation-based, crowd funding site. Since the miniature is so expensive to produce (mainly due to the size) it would be difficult to achieve without support from the community.

That’s why we chose this finance model which allows us to go ahead thanks to YOU, the contributors and complete this incredible miniature.

Between the sculpture, the drawing, the first editions in resin, and all the production steps necessary to create this figurine, we need €3,000. The objective of this campaign is to get the €3,000 BEFORE beginning the project to ensure its success.

We offer several “packs” on Indiegogo, the main one is to buy the miniature in advance for €75.

People can offer to buy without their accounts being debited immediately, and if goal is reached, the money is paid and the figurine received in February.

In only 12 hours we achieved the hoped for €3000 what means that now, everybody buying an advance copy will get it once its sculptured and molded, in February, well before it will be on sale on Figone.


The “Stretch Goals” visible at the bottom of the campaign page are bonuses. If the €4500 objective is reached, ALL CONTRIBUTORS will receive a free figurine, TOXIC HELMUT. If €5,500 is reached, they will also receive CARMINA.

This means that for €75 euros, if at least €5,500 euros are collected then you will receive not only the pack which you bought but more two miniatures as well!

Not bad, eh?

Actually – who’s sculpting Carmina and Helmut?

Christian Hardy and Stephane Camosseto.

They’ll also be sculpting the next perk: a banner for Rocco.

So go ahead