The charming Toad (28 mm)

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32 mm

28 mm

Julie Guthrie

Angel Giraldez

Finest quality polyurethane resin, supplied unpainted. Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small pieces. The photography presents an exemple of the painted miniature.

The Charming Toad
There once was a young knight
Handsome, proud and full of might
Who in the forest dared to wander
Enjoying the final days of summer

On his path, as he crossed a marsh
He noticed a beast, its appearance harsh
A disgusting toad, disgraced by nature,
Never mind the size of the creature!

The brave knight screamed and charged the foe,
But the toad cried "Help, I am trapped! O Woe!!”
“Who are you, disgusting creature?”
“A princess, victim of an ill adventure -
An old witch, jealous of my beauty
Cast a wicked spell on me,
that made me this disgusting thing.”

“A brave man’s kiss, the cure can carry
And to thank him, this man I would marry!"

The young knight thought a moment
Of a marriage that would make him more than a peasant
And that would put his buttocks on a Throne séant.
And a princess who was thusly cursed
Had surely been by beauty blessed ...

The brave knight decided and took a step
To give the kiss and the curse unset.
But in shock he found his bride to be
Had lied in wicked treachery!

Morality : "Krogak be blessed, it still works !!!" *rulp!*

Cyril Denoual Translation : Viktor Bauer et Chris Borer
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