Figopedia 1 – Colour and light – Theory and practice

The FIGOPEDIA funding campaign has been a huge success!

We will be starting production soon and we’ll be sending out the books in December. Copies should be available in the FIGONE online shop in January 2015.

If you missed the funding campaign but would still like to be amongst the first to receive a copy, please contact Jérémie à

figopedia 1

All the best, the FIGONE team.

figopedia 1

After the Grand Livre de la Peinture de Figurine [The Big Book of Miniature Painting], co-written with many great names from the miniature painting hobby, Jérémie is back with a new series of books, benefitting from his experience.

After the incredible success of Rocco on Indiegogo, FIGONE once again turns to crowd funding to make this great series of books a reality.

This book, the first of an exceptional series, covers numerous topics, explaining them clearly with detailed, step-by-step painting of many never before seen models and copious illustrations.

The 104 page book will be available in English and in French.