Ajax 2.0

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30 mm

48 mm

Thomas David

Thomas David

Finest quality polyurethane resin, supplied unpainted.

Agora Miniatures

To rival the destructive power of Hades’ Exterminators, the Twelve Olympians can count on the valor of many Heroes.

Ajax the colossus is one of them.

During the Second Great War of Troy he was mortally wounded. Caught behind enemy lines, he fought fiercely, slaying numerous enemies. A coordinated attack of Exterminators finally overwhelmed him. He was left maimed, on the brink of death. Hades was about to welcome a new soldier. But Achilles’ courage saved the day. Ajax was rescued. His recovery was an opportunity to introduce their latest invention. The metal skin armour gave better protection than any other conventional plating not impairing the wearer’s movement in anyway. Under this new skin Ajax retrieved his strength and agility and could return to the war with an almost invulnerable new body.

Since then this formidable hero has won countless victories.

Thomas David
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